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Huntingdon - 25th & 26th July 2014






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Huntingdon. 25th & 26th July 2014

Wood Green Animal Centre

Godmanchester, Nr Huntingdon PE29 2NH

Bath & West. Feb 2015

Shepton Mallet

Somerset BA4 6QN

Festival of Cards is now in it´s 15th year. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome YOU to this dedicated website for all Festival of Cards events. The website provides information about the events including how to get there and where to stay. I hope you enjoy it´s contents and will regularly return to discover new items and news updates.


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25th and 26th July 2014

Dealers who would like to reserve a table at the event should do so sooner rather than later. The recognised success of Shepton is generating earlier than normal enquiries. Tel:  +44 (0)1278 445497

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Shirley Temple

It was sad news to hear that one of the worlds most memorable child sweethearts passed away on Feb 10 this year.

Shirley Temple Black (née Temple; April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014) was an American film and television actress, singer, dancer and public servant, most famous as a child star in the 1930s. As an adult, she entered politics and became a diplomat, serving as United States Ambassador to Ghana and later to Czechoslovakia, and as Chief of Protocol of the United States.

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Praise Indeed !!


‘Barrie outdid himself once again at the recent Shepton Mallet fair. There was concern that the fair would be called off because of the flooding and at the very least a number of dealers would not be able to make it and attendance would be way down. However, it just goes to show that wild horses can’t keep people away from a winning fair. This has become the one must-see `postcard fair in all of Europe. With more dealers and visitors this was  the largest one to date. And the fact that it is in a town in the middle of nowhere and without a train station speaks volumes. When you consider that postcard fairs in cities like London, Paris, and Brussels, as well as fairs throughout Germany, Holland, and Italy are either disappearing, shrinking or consolidating it should be a case study in a business school. Barrie arranged for a professional production crew to film the event, he had on-site security and even a person from the Red Cross on hand (not a trivial thing when you consider the age of most of the people in this profession’….’All it takes is the Right Management’

….Kevin Jackson (Picture Postcard Monthly)……

Thank you Kevin for your kind remarks and permission to publish this extract. We hope you will give Huntingdon the same thumbs up!

Shepton Mallet 2014 - Dealer Follow-Up Survey

As well as the praise given in the NEWS below, we decided to undertake a survey of what the attending dealers thought. We invited nearly 100 dealers (those for who we had an email address for) to tell us what they thought of the show.

We think you will find the results (to date) to be impressive to say the least! Take a look at results as they stand at the moment.

We are up to something big, something special that we think will appeal to all. We can’t tell you much at the moment but research and testing is underway. To find out what we are up to, you will have to keep popping back here or look on our Facebook pages or our Forum to find out what it is.

Read Brian Lund’s Diary notes of the Shepton Mallet show

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Festival of Cards has a dedicated forum for its’ ‘audience’

Festival of Cards has a forum  that we highly recommend you join. Apart from business advertising, it is completely free to use. Members can also buy and sell items (subject to terms and conditions)

“The forum is the perfect place to connect and

correspond with fellow collectors”

The forum is divided into separate areas according to what you want to discuss. For a start, there’s a chat area where you can join in conversation about collecting in general. Other areas include forums for Postcards, Cigarette Cards, Ephemera, Autographs etc. There is also areas for trading your memorabilia. Photos and pictures can also be uploaded!

What’s more, the format is highly flexible, so if something is missing you can suggest changes or additions. We hope you will join in and enjoy using it.

Latest News:

Congratulations to Richard Jones of Plymouth. Richard was one of our Festival of Cards Shepton Mallet 2014 dealers that gave his opinions of the event on our recent Dealer Survey. As a “Thank You” for participating in the survey, we decided to have a draw and give away a full years publicity page on our website for one lucky winner. Richards’ name was the one that came out of the hat. Generally, as long as it promotes collecting, it’s up to him what he wants to publicise.

Our thanks go out to all the dealers that took part in the survey.

Results of the survey are given on  our Shepton 2014 survey page

New Section!!

New Section!!