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The people at Festival of Cards events are so friendly and welcoming…´s shows like this that make card collecting even more appealing…

- yet another satisfied customer

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Shepton Mallet - Dealer Survey (2014)

Questions we asked:

Our thanks to all the Dealers who took the survey !!

Dealer Follow-Up Survey

To assist us in continually improving our shows and maintain the high standards we aspire to, we decided to undertake a survey of what the attending dealers thought of Festival of Cards / Shepton Mallet 2014. We invited nearly 100 dealers (those for who we had an email address for) to tell us what they thought of the show. The survey is now closed. The results are very supportive of the event - to say the least!

1. How would you rate the venue/location?

2. How well do you think we organised the event?

3. Prior to the show, how much of the information that you needed did you get?

4. Was the opening time for Dealers each morning about right?

5. Was the show length too long, too short, or about right?

6. Did the number of show-goers (buyers) attending the show meet your expectations?

7. Did your sales at the show meet expectations?

8. What did you think to the catering facilities provided?

9. Overall, how would you rate the show?

10. How likely are you to recommend the show to others?

Many thanks to SURVEYMONKEY.COM for assisting with this survey

Survey Results (from 28 responses) :

Now….. when we say:

……you know we mean it !!

89% of dealers considered that the event venue was good or better.

75% of the dealers that responded told us that the event location was very good or better.

32% of the dealers told us that they thought the venue / location was excellent!

That is an incredible result, when one considers that many people say that Shepton Mallet “is in the middle of nowhere”!

All 28 of the dealers that responded told us that the event was very organised and 68% of them told us that it was extremely organised.

The problem with results like this is that its hard to do better - with a response like that. But we will try!

As you can imagine, it is vital that dealers receive all necessary details and instructions about the event. Where the show is located, where their tables will be located, what time they can set up their display….are just a few of the things they need to know.

At 96%, we were just about ‘SPOT ON’ !!

96% positive.

It goes without saying that Dealers need to be allowed access prior to the public being admitted.

86% of our responding Dealers told us that the show length was just about right.

Now we get to the more tricky questions and it generated an interesting spread of results.

Immediately preceding the event, storms were battering Somerset it was possible that the show might have been called off.

To help our show goers, we kept them informed about the weather conditions and access to the show right here on this web site, our Facebook pages and Barrie manning the phone.

The results speak for themselves.

75% of our responding Dealers told us that attendance met or was better than their expectations. 25% of them said that attendance was better or exceeded expectations.

It is very important to us that our Dealers get the sales they want.

With the weather being as bad as it was, most Dealers would have thought that being slightly under their expectations would have been a fair result.

Our responding Dealers have shown us that you just can’t beat a winning formula. 14% of them told us the show exceeded all expectations!

82% of the Dealers told us that their show sales met or exceeded expectations.

The remaining 18% told us that they were only slightly down on expectations.

(19 Dealers of the 28 responded on this subject)

A slight spread on this result but 84% said the offerings were ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’.

Considering ‘Value for Money’ 53% still told us that the catering provided represented good value for money.

93 % of responding Dealers told us that they rated the show as  ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’, with 57% of them voting “Excellent”!

100% of the responding Dealers confirmed that they were very likely to recommend the show to others. Better still, 75% of the Dealers told us they were extremely likely to recommend the show.

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