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The people at Festival of Cards events are so friendly and welcoming…´s shows like this that make card collecting even more appealing…

- yet another satisfied customer

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Here you can find more useful links to interesting websites. Note : Festival of Cards will not be held responsible for websites, blogs etc., outside of its control.


We hope you like the Postcard Interest sites we have provided below. If you know of any  sites we have not included, please send an email to

Links (Click to see)


Billy Barnett

Eclectic selection of photographs from all over Europe and Asia especially China

Collectors Weekly

American news site (with many ebay links!)

New York PCC

New York Postcard Club

Old Oran

Postcards of  old Oran, Algeria (Excellent Blog page)

Postcard Gallery

A large on-line gallery of only the finer vintage postcards that have artistic or historic value (US based)

WW1 Postcards (NZ)

First World War postcards (NZ)


Theatres on Postcards - German website in English

Shell Company

Shell Postcards


Mainly Louisiana USA

Aviation Postcards

Aviation card collector, Mike Charlton's (Newcastle UK) website

George Studdy

Story of George Studdy (Bonzo Dog fame)


Old postcards from Brazil

French cards

French postal cards - Transport and views

Donald McGill

Ryde Museum on McGill

Douglas Bay (IOM)

Douglas Bay horse tramway


People & postcards of Asia


Pantomime postcards


Postcards of Roussillon, France


Postcards of Fiji

Kodak Girl

Female photographers, past and present


Frog Postcards

Italy - Trieste

Cards of Italy, mainly Trieste


A selection of postcards of neutral Moresnet

Brighton (UK)

Postcards of ‘New’ Brighton (UK)

Russian (Easter)

Russian Easter Cards

Old Ladywood

Old Ladywood (UK) by Postcards


The intruiging game of Petanque - in postcards


Postcards of Gateshead (UK)

Postcard Collections

Misc. Collection


Old postcards of the Isle of Wight

Then and Now

Blog’ site with images of the past  and comparative more modern scenes

Dr Rob’s web pages

Dr Rob’s mixed bag of cards

NY World Fair 1939-40

Collection from 1939-40 New York World Fair

George Studdy

Highlighting the creativity of the artist George Studdy, who created the 'Bonzo' dog

Sussex Publishers

A marvellous site detailing Sussex postcard publishers.

Fairy Postcards

A website dedicated to Fairies

Toronto PC Club

Canadian postcard club site

Raphael Tuck

Postcards of Raphael Tuck

Victorian Silk

Stevengraph silk postcards

Warner Gothard

Photographer & postcard publisher extraordinaire

Old Picture Postcards

Varied postcard collections (UK site)

Linen Hall Library

Postcard history of Ireland (Belfast Telegraph)

ETW Dennis

Postcards of Scarborough (UK) publisher ETW Dennis

Our current featured website is about Church Postcard Views (East London Postcards - Steve Kentfield) UK. The website has an increasing database of UK churchyard views.

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