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The Football Postcard Collectors Club, founded in 1990, is dedicated to research, record and preserve football postcards featuring players, teams, match action and ground views from 1900 onwards. The Club's quarterly 40-page Journal, containing a wide range of articles and news and views on ancient and modern football postcards, is distributed free to members. Current membership of the FPCC is around 120 worldwide, although the majority are based in the UK. longer functioning)

Football Postcard Collectors Club

The Club was founded in the UK in early 1990’s when some collectors in the UK found, to their amazement, that they were not the only people who combined an interest in aviation with the collection of historical and current postcards. The club was set up initially to share information on what cards were available, where they were to be found and facilitate the exchange both of actual cards and information related thereto. In so far as the club has objectives these remain valid today.

Aviation Postcard Club International

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